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Arnold Defense to display FLETCHER Laser Guided Rocket Launcher at IDEX 2019

February 14, 2019


Images: FLETCHER fitted to the NIMR Ajban LRSOV vehicle in Abu Dhabi

Arnold Defense, the St Louis based manufacturer of 2.75-inch rocket launchers, will be at this year’s International Defence Exhibition and Conference (IDEX 2019) to showcase the FLETCHER Laser Guided Rocket Launcher.  IDEX 2019 will take place 17-21 February 2019 at the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre (ADNEC) and the FLETCHER 2.75-inch/70mm weapon system will be mounted on NIMR’s AJBAN Long Range Special Operations Vehicle (LRSOV) on Stand Number 05-A05.

Arnold Defense’s FLETCHER weapon system, first unveiled in 2017 at London’s DSEi Exhibition, has completed rigorous test-firing protocols, with laser target designation from both ground and air platforms, and is now in initial production.  With FLETCHER, Arnold Defense has made a bold departure from the traditional concept of use for 2.75-inch rocket systems; that of an area suppression weapon ordinarily delivered by aviation assets.  Arnold’s evolution has FLETCHER using advanced rocket-guidance technology to utilize ground-based launch platforms, meeting the demands of modern, vehicle-mounted and dismounted asymmetric warfare.

FLETCHER’s unique design allows for ease of operation, maintenance and sustainment.  It employs an existing suite of guidance modules, rockets and warheads, already used in well-known programs and readily available to global forces.   FLETCHER recently successfully completed a four-round live firing using multiple airborne laser platforms, confirming the ability to use laser designation from ground and air from various angles and offsets to a distance nearly 6km.

Following exceptional levels of interest expressed in FLETCHER, Arnold Defense is also developing a number of supplementary ground and maritime-based concepts.  These exciting new concepts will expand FLETCHER’s utility into the arena of Unmanned Ground Vehicles (UGV), naval and littoral platforms.  It his anticipated that the first of these integrated systems will be unveiled within months.

FLETCHER is supported by a team of global defense industry companies, collaborating under Arnold Defense’s leadership to combine their complimentary expertise.  The team is able to provide a full-system approach to FLETCHER; incorporating design, validation, testing, manufacture and full-system integration within a wide range of ground-to-ground engagement scenarios.

Jim Hager, President and CEO of Arnold Defense said “Since launching FLETCHER, Arnold Defense has exhibited the system widely on the international market, where it has garnered significant interest, especially from military special operations units.  Our rocket launchers are already well-established internationally on airborne platforms, so transitioning into the land and marine environments with FLETCHER has been a natural progression and will provide these forces with a completely new capability.” He added: “Exhibiting FLETCHER in partnership with NIMR Automotive demonstrates the wide scope and utility of our concept and we look forward to maximizing the opportunities that IDEX 2019 will offer to establish and deepen relationships with regional government departments, defense and security agencies and international businesses.”

Jankel achieves ‘production ready’ status of their latest generation HUNTER vehicle

February 14, 2019


World-class specialist in design and production of high-specification armoured vehicles and survivability systems, Jankel, has announced the achievement of ‘production ready’ status for their latest generation HUNTER Tactical Intervention Vehicle (TIV) in preparation for the imminent manufacture of another major order from an undisclosed customer in the Asia Pacific region. The vehicles will be built at JLVM, Jankel’s Jordanian facility, a Joint Venture with KADDB. This announcement coincides with IDEX 2019 taking place 17-21 February at the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre (ADNEC), where Jankel is exhibiting on stand number 05-C09.

Jankel’s focus for IDEX will be further sales of their Counter Terror and Special Forces vehicles to complement their numerous vehicle fleets already in service in the Middle East.  Jankel will also be promoting their survivability systems, including their range of BLASTech mitigation seats.

This latest order for the HUNTER TIV has been re-engineered to have increased internal and stowage capacity. The vehicle has also received automotive improvements to meet the exact specifications demanded by the customer, delivering versatility, maneuverability and protection for Internal Security missions.

Jankel has enjoyed considerable success in the Middle and Far Eastern regions in recent years. The establishment of the JLVM Joint Venture in Jordan has enabled regional manufacture of vehicles to meet the demanding environmental and capability requirements of this wider geographical area. To date, Jankel has over 350 vehicles in service across 11 countries in the Middle East and neighbouring regions, as well as an established and comprehensive support services network that expands across 14 different regional sites, ensuring the customer can always maximise the capability on offer.

Dan Crosby, Commercial Director at Jankel said: “The Middle and Far Eastern regions continue to be strategically important markets for Jankel and we are glad to announce that we’re ready to put the latest generation HUNTER TIV into volume production for the first time. We’re proud of the fact that we can build vehicles in the region using our Jordanian facility and sell to surrounding countries and the wider-reaching markets beyond”.  He added: “IDEX is an important show for us that will provide Jankel with an excellent opportunity to network further and showcase our products to countries that would not normally be so easy to reach.”

Spectra Group to exhibit SlingShot tactical communications system for the first time at IDEX 2019

February 14, 2019


Spectra Group (UK) Ltd is an internationally renowned specialist provider of secure voice, data and satellite communications systems, specifically optimized for use in remote and challenging environments.  Following significant interest from the Middle East and Asia, particularly regarding their battle-winning SlingShot tactical communications system, Spectra Group (UK) Ltd will this year be exhibiting at the International Defence Exhibition and Conference, IDEX, for the first time.

IDEX is the only international defence exhibition and conference in the Middle East and North African (MENA) region and takes place 17-21 February 2019 at the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre (ADNEC).  IDEX showcases the latest technology across land, sea and air sectors of defence, providing a strategically important opportunity for Spectra to exhibit their unique SlingShot tactical communications system.  Spectra Group (UK) Ltd will be located at stand number 05-C03 in the British Pavilion.

Spectra’s SlingShot is a small appliqué that provides in-service tactical VHF and UHF radios with a Beyond Line of Sight Communications on The Move capability (BLOS COTM).  In addition to standard voice and data C2, SlingShot can facilitate a wide range of capabilities such as remote biometric analysis, fire mission planning, remote tracking, border security and inter-agency operations.  Man-portable or vehicle-borne (land sea and air), useable on the move, delivering flexible channel leasing and with minimal increase in training-burden, SlingShot redefines tactical communication capabilities.

Recent world-wide exhibits of SlingShot have been met with substantial international interest.  Considerable excitement has been generated over SlingShot’s capability to significantly extend the range of in-service tactical radio systems, without the need for users to buy new radio systems, carry additional bulky equipment or conduct extensive additional training.

Simon Davies, CEO of Spectra Group said: “Spectra is very excited to be exhibiting for the first time at IDEX 2019.  We intend to maximize this fantastic opportunity to establish and deepen relationships with Partners, regional government departments, defence and security agencies and international businesses.” He added, “We are especially delighted to be able to exhibit SlingShot in the MENA region as a further opportunity to follow up on the significant amount of interest that has already been generated in the system.”

Spectra will be showcasing the SlingShot tactical communications system on Stand 05-C03 in the British Pavilion.

Alcon increase their global defence vehicle footprint with 8 different Alcon-equipped vehicles on show at IDEX

February 14, 2019


Image: Patria AMV fitted with Alcon brakes

Internationally acclaimed high-performance brake system design, development and manufacturing company, Alcon Components Ltd, will be attending the IDEX exhibition taking place in Abu Dhabi, 17-21 February 2018. Of particular note, you can see Alcon brake products fitted to 8 different vehicles on display at the show, including vehicles from world-class OEM’s based in UAE, Finland, North America, UK and Turkey. Of particular note are the Patria AMV 8×8 and 6×6 vehicles exhibited at IDEX that both have Alcon brakes fitted as standard. At IDEX, Alcon will have representatives from their sales team in attendance who will be happy to arrange meetings, on request.

Alcon has over 25 years of experience in engineering brakes and clutches for specialist vehicles; from F1, World Rally and prestige performance cars to 30T-plus military armoured vehicles.  This places them at the forefront of developing and delivering high performance braking solutions for sectors where only the absolute best can be accepted.  Alcon’s off the shelf brake upgrade kits allow both OEM’s and vehicle modification companies to overcome the challenges posed by up-armouring vehicles for defence, security and specialist purposes. The kits are compatible with stock OEM actuation, so are easy to fit but have been fully “ruggedised” to ensure extreme levels robustness and performance balanced with the requirement to keep weight to a minimum.

If a kit is not available off the shelf, Alcon have a bespoke design service that can deliver a similar offering for any platform of the customer’s choice including vehicles all the way up to 30+ tonne heavy armoured variants.  This bespoke engineering offering, from order to production, can provide tailored, performance braking systems to the customers’ exact requirements within an exceedingly short time-frame. Alcon’s discretion, performance and reliability have led to the company becoming the braking system provider of choice for defence, special-forces, security and specialist sector armoured SUV users worldwide.

Jonathan Edwards, Sales Director at Alcon said: “it’s fantastic to see so many Alcon-equipped military and security vehicles on display here at IDEX, all benefitting from our extensive experience as a supplier of high-performance, off-road brake systems to World Rally Competition vehicles, civilian armoured vehicles, and numerous global defence vehicle OEM’s.” He added: “as well as the eight vehicles on display at this show, we’re currently working with fifteen other military and armoured vehicle manufacturers who have all turned to Alcon to develop and deliver a bespoke product to meet the demanding, specialist requirements of this sector. We look forward to meeting more interested companies at the event as we expand our global footprint yet further”.

Jankel announces another contract award to supply blast attenuation seats to U.S. MRAP Manufacturer

February 4, 2019


World-class specialist in design and production of high-specification armored vehicles and survivability systems, US-based Jankel Tactical Systems, has been awarded 3 contracts to supply their BLASTech mitigation seats to a US based MRAP provider. The contracts have a multi-million dollar combined value. This announcement coincides with the Tactical Wheeled Vehicle Conference (TWVC), taking place in Monterey, California, 03-05 February 2019.

Jankel Tactical Systems is the market’s most well-established Blast Attenuating Seat leader in North America. Under these contracts, Jankel will be delivering MK 2.5 BLASTech X900194 commander seats and X900003 troop seats in support of MRAP based programs. Jankel is pleased to continue to support the survivability upgrade on these tactical wheeled vehicles that have now had Jankel’s MK 2.5 seats fitted for almost a decade. These latest orders will be delivered by the middle of the 2019 calendar year.

Jankel will be attending the TWVC in preparation for the release of its latest and most advanced MK 4.0 BLASTech blast mitigating seating line.  The MK 4.0 will feature the same battle-proven mitigation technology that has made Jankel the market leader in blast mitigation seating.  The new seats have been developed to be lighter in weight making them more suitable for the current evolving tactical wheeled vehicle market.  Jankel also expect the new MK 4.0 seat to be more competitive in terms of price than the existing MK 2.5, 3.0, and 3.5 designs, while delivering increased capability.

Cody Baker, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) at Jankel Tactical Systems said: “The USA continues to be a strategically important market for Jankel and we are glad to announce these new contracts with a long-standing customer, further developing an already strong supplier relationship with one of the biggest defense vehicle manufacturers in the USA.”  He added: “The TWVC event will provide Jankel with an excellent opportunity to network further with other global OEMs operating in the sector as we work towards the launch of our new MK 4.0 seat.”