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Jankel to attend AUSA 2018 in Washington DC

October 5, 2018

Jankel, world-class specialist in the design and manufacture of high-specification armored, light tactical and counter-terrorism vehicles with customized protection systems for defense, security and NGO’s worldwide, will be attending AUSA 2018.  The Association of the United States Army (AUSA) exhibition, the largest Land Warfare tradeshow in North America, will be taking place in Washington DC, 8-10 October 2018.

US-based Jankel Tactical Systems (Jankel), aligned to the wider UK-based group, is already extremely well-established in North America.  In 2018, JTS’s already strong Commercial Armoured Vehicle (CAV) business, increased growth by a tremendous 300%. This striking increase in sales is attributed to increased orders from Jankel’s core clients; the US Departments of Defense, US Department of State, the Canadian Department of National Defense, and Global Affairs Canada; all of whom support operations worldwide.  In addition, Jankel secured new customer opportunities with the US Customs and Border Patrol, US Marshalls, and the US Drug Enforcement Agency.

Jankel’s growth in North America has focused on ‘Hot Formed Armored’ discreet platforms and the delivery to niche protection and high performance mobility requirements for platforms indigenous to the countries within which they operate; including the Chevrolet 3500 HD Suburban, Toyota Land Cruiser 79 Series Double Cab and Mercedes Sprinter 3500 XD.

Looking ahead, Jankel is focused on the continued expansion of their US business footprint.  Future tactical vehicle growth in 2019 and beyond is projected to be strong.  Launching the proven Jankel FOX family of Tactical Vehicles into Latin America and Africa supporting the US Combatant Command priorities for Security Assistance. Increased collaboration with the US Defense Security Cooperation Agency (DSCA), as well as with Combatant Command’s Security Assistant branches, has led to numerous opportunities for the FOX family, where global fleet commonality across variants, proven performance, OEM parts and Jankel components is a vital strength of the brand.

In addition to their wide range of vehicle protection capabilities, Jankel is targeting the provision of specialist seating and survivability systems.  Jankel Foreign Military Sales (FMS) programs increased significantly in 2018 with the provision of BLASTech Seating solutions for Mine-Resistant Ambush Protected (MRAP) and new production vehicles for US allied nations.  This growth is only set to continue as the need for vehicle occupant survivability increases as a national priority within hostile environments.  As such, the Jankel family of companies are continuing to invest in the product development of next generation of Blast Mitigation technology.

Dave Binnarr, Vice President of Defense Programs at Jankel said: “The USA continues to be a strong market focus for Jankel.  Jankel has enjoyed great success here to date, further underlining the credibility of the products and services we offer.  Without problems there wouldn’t be customers.  Jankel’s business thrives off of our ability, experience, and willingness to solve our customers’ problems.  Whether it’s providing a service, a product, or full cradle to grave program support, we look at every opportunity objectively.  Our global footprint, agile business style, and partnerships allow us to aggressively address our customer’s capability gaps today and support their requirements of tomorrow.  Jankel’s protection systems, manufactured in the USA, are in-service across multiple platforms, saving US lives today and into the future.”  He added: “AUSA will be a great opportunity for Jankel to network further within the arena of US defense vehicle manufacturers and prime contractors.”

Arnold Defense explore exciting new concepts for their FLETCHER laser guided rocket system

October 5, 2018


Following the exceptional levels of interest expressed in the new FLETCHER Laser Guided Rocket Launcher system, Arnold Defense has been exploring a number of exciting ground and maritime-based concepts for their revolutionary new system.

The FLETCHER system, first unveiled a year ago in London at DSEI, has undergone highly successful test-firing and has now commenced initial low-rate production.  With FLETCHER, Arnold Defense has extended the utility of their proven, highly capable rocket launcher from aviation platforms into the land environment.  Using advanced rocket-guidance technology to meet the modern demands of land-based, mounted and dismounted asymmetric warfare, FLETCHER has been optimized for use by both special and conventional forces to provide surface-to-surface precision effect.

The wider concepts now being explored further expand FLETCHER’s utility into the arena of Unmanned Ground Vehicles (UGV), naval and littoral platforms.  The ability to mount FLETCHER on UGV will offer ground forces the capability to remotely support base or mobile defensive operations; giving considerably wider scope for the tactical siting of remotely operated, laser guided weapon systems, whilst significantly minimising exposure and risk to ground-based troops. Further to that, mounting FLETCHER on naval/littoral platforms will gift maritime troops a precision weapon system with a range of up to 5km that can be deployed and operated at a tactical level never previously available.

Jim Hager, President and CEO of Arnold Defense said “Since launching FLETCHER, Arnold Defense has exhibited the system widely on the international market, where it has garnered significant interest world-wide, especially from special operations units.  Our rocket launchers are already internationally well-established on airborne platforms, so transitioning into the land and marine environments with FLETCHER is a natural progression”. He added: “These exciting new concepts will afford both land and maritime troops a transformational capability that has not previously been available without recourse to external air or aviation assets.”

Spectra Group expand into US with the opening of new Spectra Group (US) office in Fairfax County, VA

October 5, 2018


Spectra Group (UK) Ltd is an internationally renowned specialist provider of secure voice, data and satellite communications systems, specifically optimized for use in remote and challenging environments.  Following recent contract successes in the USA, particularly with their battle-winning SlingShot tactical communications system, Spectra Group (UK) Ltd will be establishing Spectra Group (US) Inc in new offices in Fairfax County in Oct 2018. The opening of this new office is to coincide with Spectra (US) exhibiting at AUSA in Washington, 8-10 Oct 2018.

By establishing a permanent presence in the USA, Spectra Group will be able to guarantee closer product support to their existing partners in North America, as well as dedicated product and service support directly to the end-user.  Spectra Group aspire to expand their already significant international sales into new sectors not currently covered by existing US partners; a particularly exciting development as, globally, the USA offers the largest Defense, Emergency Response and Homeland Security market.

Spectra’s SlingShot adds voice and data BLOS COTM (Beyond Line of Sight Communications On The Move) to in-service tactical VHF and UHF radios.  In addition to standard voice and data C2, it can enable capabilities such as remote biometric analysis, fire mission planning, tracking and inter-agency operations.  Man-portable or vehicle-borne, useable on the move, delivering flexible channel leasing and with minimal increase in training-burden, SlingShot redefines tactical communication capabilities.

Recent world-wide exhibits of SlingShot at Africa Endeavour (Cape Verde), Land Forces (Australia), DVD (UK) and Global SOF (Spain) have been met with considerable international interest.  Spectra will be following this up with attendance at AUSA, Washington (8th -10th Oct) and Africa Security Symposium, Dakar (7th – 9th Nov).

The launch of Spectra Group (US) Inc in North America will be formally announced at a press briefing taking place at AUSA on Tue 9th Oct.  Spectra Group (US) Inc can be found at Booth 3138.

Simon Davies, CEO of Spectra Group said: “Spectra is very excited to be able to announce the opening of an office in Fairfax County. This welcome expansion of our business profile will enable us to forge even closer links with our existing partners and end-users in North America, as well as looking ahead to develop wider markets in the region.”

Arnold Defense Displays FLETCHER at Modern Day Marine 2018

September 25, 2018

Arnold Defense, the St Louis based international manufacturer of 2.75-inch rocket launchers, will be showing their concept “FLETCHER” 2.75-inch/70mm weapon system at the Modern Day Marine (MDM) exposition, being held at the US Marine Corps Base Quantico, 25-27 September 2018.

The FLETCHER system, first unveiled a year ago at the London-based DSEi Exhibition, has undergone highly successful test-firing and has now commenced initial low-rate production.  With FLETCHER, Arnold Defense has moved away from the traditional concept of use for 2.75-inch rocket systems, that of an area suppression weapon, ordinarily deployed by aviation assets.  FLETCHER uses advanced rocket-guidance technology to meet the modern demands of land-based, vehicle-mounted and dismounted asymmetric warfare. Optimized for use by both special and conventional forces, FLETCHER can be mounted on land-based military vehicles as well as base defense platforms.

FLETCHER’s unique design allows for ease of operation, maintenance and sustainment.  It employs an existing suite of guidance modules, rockets and warheads, already being used in well-known programs, and therefore readily available to global forces.  Working in concert with world-class designation equipment, FLETCHER is a fully integrated weapon system that can engage targets at ranges up to 5 kilometers, giving land forces a capability previously only available by the employment of air assets.

The FLETCHER concept is supported by a team of global defense industry companies, collaborating under Arnold Defence’s leadership, to combine their complimentary expertise.  Consequently the team is able to provide a full-system approach to FLETCHER, incorporating design, validation, testing, manufacture and full-system integration within a wide range of ground-to-ground engagement scenarios.

Jim Hager, President and CEO of Arnold Defense said “Since launching FLETCHER, Arnold Defense has exhibited the system widely on the international market, where it has garnered significant interest, especially from military special operations units.  Our rocket launchers are already well-established internationally on airborne platforms, so transitioning onto the land and marine environments with FLETCHER is a natural progression, and will provide these forces with a completely new capability.” He added: “FLETCHER is a hugely exciting new development for Arnold Defense and our team partners.  We expect to have the FLETCHER system ready for sale towards the end of 2018”.

Spectra reaches new global audiences with SlingShot

September 25, 2018


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Spectra Group (UK) Ltd, world leading provider of high-grade information security and communication capabilities, is connecting with wider global markets over the next few months, with their revolutionary SlingShot satellite communications systems.

Following on from their recent contract successes in UK and USA, Spectra Group are responding to increasing market interest by supporting their local sales partners and exhibiting at a selection of key global events including: GlobalSOF, Madrid (25th-27th Sept), Booth 4; AUSA, Washington (8th-10th) Oct, stand number 3138 and Africa Security Symposium, Dakar (7th-9th Nov). These events succeed Spectra’s recent attendance at Africa Endeavour (Cape Verde), Land Forces (Australia) and DVD (UK) where there was a considerable amount of interest shown in the capabilities Spectra are able to offer.

SlingShot is a unique system that enables UHF and VHF radios to work on L-Band Satellite frequency, allowing users to instantly extend the range of their communications equipment to BLOS (Beyond Line of Sight).  Conceived and designed to meet demanding Special Forces requirements, SlingShot also offers a significant number of benefits for conventional forces, intelligence agencies and border patrols requiring secure, reliable and robust Communications On The Move (COTM) over great distances.  Over 3000 SlingShot systems are in operation world-wide, used by 18 different organisations, including several NATO countries, as Manpack, Vehicle, Maritime and Aviation fits.

In addition to voice, SlingShot enables low latency data capability, supporting mission-critical applications such as artillery fire missions, situational awareness and biometric analysis.  With reduced cost compared to traditional TACSAT, increased channel availability, and almost no increase in the training requirement, SlingShot is redefining tactical communications.  Spectra currently has a strategic relationships with Inmarsat, whose L-TAC™ service exclusively uses SlingShot.

If you would like to arrange an appointment at any of the future events listed, please do get in touch with the team here at Spectra Group. We’d be very happy to help.