Angeliki Karagouni

Business Manager

Angeliki joined the Chamois Team in 2019 and works part-time as our Business Manager. Her role includes the management and administration of all aspects of our company accounting, event and travel management and the provision of general administrative and organisational support to the rest of the team. In a client facing role, she also helps out at busy exhibitions and events, when required.

Angeliki describes herself as patient, analytical and methodological with a passion for any challenge that involves attention to detail, troubleshooting and anything people related. Her subjects of interest include: anthropology; psychology; philosophy; theology; physics; astrology; languages and sport.

Angeliki is fluent in Greek and Spanish and studied theology and philosophy at Nottingham University. She has completed a TEFL qualification and has attended courses in management, project management, organisational behaviour, critical thinking and troubleshooting. Her previous employment has included teaching, financial account management, office management, and fund raising. As well as working for Chamois, Angeliki currently works as a part-time volunteer for the Police, investigating & case building.