Richard Oliver

Principal Consultant - Strategy & Campaigns

Those who know Richard have come to recognise the passion, creativity, experience and expertise he brings to each project he gets involved with. Since founding Impact Design & Marketing 30 years ago, he has proven his ability to not only be a natural team leader with the ability to inspire and motivate others, as well as get things done, but also to mentor and direct his creative team at Impact.

Richard’s commercial and business management expertise is second to none, and his lateral thinking and communication have been instrumental in strategically driving brands and their development. Enjoying the long-term relationships he has created with his clients over the years, he has an undeniable commitment to his clients and their businesses, helping them to achieving their goals. His passion is his creativity and flair within the industry and all communications projects, and his team around him.

With vast experience in marketing and communications, Richard has the ability to deliver marketing collateral across relevant marketing channels, and has the proven ability to bring people together to achieve the best possible end result.