What is L-TAC?

Spectra SlingShot® and Inmarsat L-TAC™: a unique partnership.

Spectra Group and Inmarsat-Global-Government have established a remarkable and successful partnership between their two complementary technologies. SlingShot and L-TAC. The combination allows users to augment and expand their existing tactical communications systems without the need to modify radio hardware or cryptography and in the knowledge that the channel is available where and when required. L-TAC channels are available on flexible leasing, from a month, and so can prove far more cost-efficient and flexible than comparable options. Working uniquely together, SlingShot and L-TAC offer a combination of reliable voice and data connectivity, independent of local infrastructure, and available globally for vehicle-mounted and man-portable, land, maritime and air communications systems. Additionally, the SlingShot hardware is easy-to-use, requires minimal training and is highly cost-effective, in that it utilises in-service radio equipment.

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