Strategic Marketing Review for Chamois client, Blackhill Engineering

March 19, 2017

Last week we spent a day with our client, Blackhill Engineering, reviewing their marketing strategy, their communications plan and all associated activity.  We looked closely at where they currently are, worked out where they’d like to be and then identified the specific actions that would be required to get there. The key output from a strategy session such as this is an agreed list of actions for both the client and the Chamois team that are then set in motion. Actions range from refreshing content to attending events and from creating brochures to issuing press releases, amongst others.

Here at Chamois we find these periodic sessions are of huge benefit to our clients as they encourage them to temporarily pause their natural focus on their current daily activity and look forward. Helping the in-house team to identify what they can be doing better is a key part but also, augmenting that with supporting activity provided by our team of experts, produces a coordinated and mutually supportive action plan.

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