Arnold Defense teams with MSI Defense Solutions® as an integration partner to deliver FLETCHER


Arnold Defense, the St. Louis based manufacturer of 2.75-inch rocket launchers, has teamed with MSI Defense Solutions®, the North Carolina based specialist defense company to deliver integration solutions for Arnold’s unique FLETCHER land based, laser guided rocket launcher system. The FLETCHER precision guided 2.75-inch/70mm weapon system was first unveiled in 2017 at DSEi in London with several recent contracts being announced in October 2020.

Utilizing MSI Defense Solutions Vehicle Integration Kit (VIK) to mount the FLETCHER 2.75” launcher and firing APKWS® laser-guided rockets, the system has demonstrated exceptional performance. The VIK successfully completed its first ground based, APKWS guided rocket launch with impressive results. As an integrator with Arnold Defense’s recently announced FLETCHER launchers and BAE Systems’ APKWS laser-guided rockets, MSI has delivered rapid vehicle mounting options for the FLETCHER, fitting to a host of vehicle types and configurations.

Designed for transportability, efficiency, and ease of use, MSI’s VIK enables customer mission success. Following effective trials, the FLETCHER system has now been delivered, helping achieve defense superiority and safe standoff for armed forces. Leveraging features such as small form factor, vibration isolation, a customizable stowage solution, G-meter (with optional logging capability) aided by MSI’s aggressive delivery, customers now have immediate effectiveness in place. Precision strike capability has been delivered in near-record time to meet constantly emerging threats.

With the growing need for ground-based weapons system configurations, MSI is developing integration kits for a variety of platforms to meet the needs of its customers, providing rapid-capabilities to perform critical missions with success. Together with Arnold Defense, MSI are working on some interesting new concepts that will see FLETCHER integrated in the marine environment on a RHIB and, in the air.

MSI Defense Solutions President, David Holden, is excited about the VIK success: “we have shown that the flexibility of the VIK enables customers to install on nearly any make and model of turret fitment, providing world-renowned ground-based lethality and standoff capability. We have also shown that we can deliver it in a very compressed timeline. Our fitments are available for remote weapons stations (RWS) like the Terrahawk as well, so we are able to give our customers a unique breadth of choice for guided rocket launching”.

Doug Wallace, President at Arnold Defense said: “Arnold Defense is pleased to have teamed with MSI Defense to integrate our FLETCHER surface-based rocket launcher on a variety of platforms”. He added: “FLETCHER has generated huge interest globally with its unique capability to deliver organic, long-range precision firepower to even the smallest tactical element. Having a capable, flexible and reliable integration partner such as MSI Defense Solutions® allows us to deliver exactly what our customers need onto any platform be that land, sea or air based.”

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