Arnold Defense, the US rocket launcher manufacturer, signs contract with UK marketing and communications agency, Chamois

Date Posted: 10.08.2017

Arnold Defense, a US St Louis based international manufacturer and supplier of 2.75-inch rocket launchers, has signed a contract with the Southwest UK based full-service marketing and communications agency, Chamois Consulting Ltd.

Under this contract, the team at Chamois will provide an integrated, out-sourced marketing, communications and advertising service. Already firmly established in the global defense market, Arnold Defense has entered into this agreement with Chamois Consulting Ltd in order to support an ever-expanding footprint. With continued international sales, Arnold plans to expand the application of the 2.75-inch weapon system into the LAND domain whilst exploring other weapon systems applications for the US Government. The partnership between the two organizations means that Arnold Defense can continue to focus on the ongoing delivery of a first class, on time and battle proven weapon system to its constantly growing portfolio of customers. Working concurrently to that, Chamois Consulting Ltd, as a strategic partner, will enhance the Arnold Defense brand awareness, helping to ensure that Arnold Defense maintain their philosophy of “Supporting the Warfighter”.

Arnold Defense has manufactured more than 1.1 million 2.75-inch rocket launchers since 1961 for the U.S. Army, U.S. Navy, U.S. Air Force, NATO and many other international customers and is now the world’s largest supplier of rocket launchers for military aircraft, vessels and vehicles. Core products include the 7-round M260 and 19-round M261 commonly used by U.S. Army helicopters; the thermal coated 7-round LAU-68 variants and LAU-61 Digital Rocket Launcher used by the U.S. Navy; and the 7-round LAU-131 and SUU-25 flare dispenser used by the U.S. Air Force. Today’s rocket launchers now include the ultra-light LWL-12 that weighs just over 60 pounds (27 kg) empty and the extended LAU131A/A which can accommodate a variety of laser guided ordnance for both rotary and fixed-wing platforms.

Jamie Clarke, Director and Founder at Chamois said: “We’re so pleased to have agreed this deal with Arnold Defense and we are very much looking forward to working together to help them get to where they want to be in the future”. He added: “Arnold Defense is a fantastic company with amazing products yet most people have tended to focus more on the air platforms to which Arnold launchers are fitted rather than seeing and understanding the Arnold sub-systems in their own light. It’s our aim to change that so everyone knows who Arnold is and what they can do”. He added “In the immediate term, Arnold Defense is working on an exciting new land vehicle-based capability and we’ll be helping Arnold to launch the concept at DSEi and then to develop the wider brand awareness and reach going forward”.

Jim Hager, President and CEO at Arnold Defense said: “Working with an external marketing and PR agency is a new step for Arnold Defense but we’ve taken on Chamois to assist us as we’ve been impressed by how they are helping top-class brands to improve their awareness and to effectively market their products and services into the global defense sector. Our strategy for growth will need us to be seen and understood by more and more people, world-wide. We’re confident that Chamois is the right choice for Arnold and we’re particularly looking forward to receiving their help as we launch our new land vehicle-based capability in the coming months”.

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