Chamois Consulting – GDPR Privacy Notice

In compliance with the introduction of new data protection laws, we (Chamois Consulting Ltd) are publishing our revised Privacy Notice that clearly sets out how we hold, use and maintain personal data. You can read our Privacy Notice here:

Click here to read our Privacy Notice

You can also download our Privacy Notice here

As the notice clearly states, we (Chamois Consulting Ltd) hold personal data in the form of a media list for the purposes of distributing appropriate and relevant PR material on behalf of our clients to journalists, media representatives and related, interested people. All we hold is your name, your company and your E mail address. We do not share the data with anyone.

If, at any stage, you wish to be removed from our media list you can do so by contacting [email protected] and requesting immediate removal. We respect your rights and we do not wish to hold the personal data of anyone who does not wish us to do so.

Please help us to help you and do let us know if we’re not meeting your expectations in any way at all.

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