Chamois donates to Team Rubicon UK’s Operation RE:ACT

Chamois has today made an immediate corporate donation of £500 to Team Rubicon UK’s newly launched “Operation RE:ACT”.

With Operation RE:ACT, Team Rubicon is standing up its disaster relief capability and bringing in its disaster response expertise to help the UK to overcome the biggest peace-time challenge it has ever faced in the battle to fight and beat the COVID-19 Corona Virus. Team Rubicon is working alongside the UK Government, British Armed Forces and the UK Voluntary and Community Sector to set up a national cell to organise and coordinate volunteers. With the launch of Op RE:ACT, Team Rubicon UK is mobilising the UK’s military veterans who are answering the nation’s call for volunteers.

Richard Sharp, CEO of Team Rubicon UK said: “Our veterans have served their country with pride and distinction and they’re ready to step forward to serve again, this time on home soil. Now more than ever, their unique skills and experience can help to protect and save UK lives”.

Jamie Clarke, CEO at Chamois said: “when I read about Team Rubicon’s recent launch of Operation RE:ACT, I immediately got in touch and made a corporate donation. Yes, business-wise we’re all living in extremely uncertain times and cash resources are insecure, scarce and vital but for me, there was no doubt; I am delighted to help in this way”. He added “I’ve watched the excellent disaster relief work that Team Rubicon has been doing around the world and to see their considerable expertise and capability being re-focussed at home is uplifting. There is a huge pool of talented and skilled veteran resource across UK and Op RE:ACT will pull that together and make a vital difference in the months to come”.

Jamie’s final message to everyone was: “GET INVOLVED, make a donation and if you’re a veteran like me, sign up for Op RE:ACT on the Team Rubicon website and HELP. We at Chamois wish you all the very best as this crisis unfolds. Teamwork will get us through, so please reach out as a business or as an individual and help those around you who you’re able to”.

Click here to visit the Operation RE:ACT website

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