G3 Systems: Helping to Pioneer NavyPODs Capability Development

G3 System’s Heavy Drone Lift NavyPODs

G3 Systems understands that in the ever-evolving landscape of naval warfare, innovation is paramount. One of the more innovative advancements for the Royal Navy in recent years has been the development of NavyPODs (Persistent Operational Deployment Systems) capability.  At the forefront of helping pioneer this transformative concept was G3 Systems, a global leader in delivering deployable containerised solutions for defence and other government departments.

What are NavyPODs?

The Royal Navy’s vision for NavyPODs represented a paradigm shift in maritime capability. Rather than traditional ship designs with fixed systems, the focus switched to simplicity, adaptability, and modularity. The concept revolved around the idea of utilising PODs as standardised containers housing a spectrum of capabilities, ranging from precision strike and unmanned air systems to directed energy and medical aid.  Inherent in the concept is the ability to re-role each POD as the requirement evolves.

By placing capability within PODs, that meet international freight standards, the fleet gained unparalleled flexibility, adaptability and maintainability to rapidly re-role platforms to meet the ever-changing demands of modern operational environments. Standardisation of components and modern digital networks enable rapid upgrades and easy interchangeability with allied forces. This approach not only enhanced lethality and sustainability but also offered significant cost savings and accelerated capability insertion periods.

NavyPODs embody a sustainable system designed to accommodate both current and future capabilities, aligning with the ambitious shipbuilding pipeline. The principle of ‘Pioneer, Prove, Procure, Plug and Play’ underscored the iterative development process aimed at swiftly delivering operational advantages.

G3 System’s history of containerised solutions

G3 Systems has a 20-year pedigree of delivering bespoke solutions to meet the specific needs of their customers and boasts a team of skilled engineers with a deep knowledge of engineering systems and technologies.  From concept design to final implementation and through life support, they leverage their expertise to develop robust, reliable modular standardised deployable containerised solutions tailored to meet the unique requirements of the operational environments they may face.

Through experience developed in operational theatres such as Afghanistan, G3 Systems have become world leading experts in the integration of diverse payloads or capabilities into a cohesive system that is certified to international standards for safe transport and operation (Convention of Safe Containers).  Their portfolio is vast with such innovative solutions as the Transportable Containerised Dog Accommodation (TCDA) and unique requirements of supporting the Foreign Office with deployable Embassies through to the development and delivery of the Navy’s Forward Support Unit concept.  In addition, G3 Systems always considers the whole life aspect of their project.  They excel in delivering a sustainable product that is easy to adapt as the requirement changes, simpler to maintain and repair by using standardised modular components and therefore minimises the logistic burden for the end user.  With this approach, they have often been able to extend the life of a capability (such as the Deployable Engineering Workshop) with minimal upgrade far beyond its original design life.

Involvement in Navy PODs Development

G3 Systems adopts a proactive approach to project management, collaborating closely with Navy stakeholders to contribute innovative ideas and employing industry best practices to manage resources, mitigate risks and meet stringent deadlines. Combined with their expertise and commitment to excellence, this ensures successful outcomes for the client, even in the most challenging circumstances.  As one example, for the Heavy Drone Lift capability, through such proactive approaches and excellent relations with key partners and the client, G3 Systems were able to support the rapid delivery of four systems in just 12 weeks.  It has been proven through bitter experience that not all organisations possess the full gamut of capabilities required to successfully deliver a fully operational, high quality and robust containerised solution and therefore it is critical to maintain such capability within the UK’s industrial base to ensure operational effectiveness into the future.

G3 Systems contributions also extend far beyond technical implementation, encompassing training, technical support and full life sustainment activities.  By empowering naval personnel with the knowledge and tools to effectively utilise PODs systems, G3 Systems helps maximise operational effectiveness and mission success which is often not a factor considered when selecting a contractor based purely on tender price.   As a testament to the adaptability of the NavyPODs concept the PODs that G3 produced have also been used to cover such diverse requirements as a data visualisation environment, underwater vehicle and C2 planning centre and quantum technology test bed.

Looking to the Future

As maritime threats evolve and operational requirements change, the role of NavyPODs will continue to expand. G3 Systems remains at the forefront of this evolution, driving innovation and helping to shape the future of naval capability delivery systems.  G3 Systems’ involvement in the development of NavyPODs capability underscores their position as a trusted partner in the defence industry. Through their engineering prowess, integration expertise and collaborative approach, they are helping to help redefine the way navies operate in the 21st century.

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