G3’s Parent Company IAP Interview with CEO Terry Derosa

G3 Systems Limited is a wholly owned subsidiary of IAP Worldwide Services Incorporated. Last week the CEO (Terry Derosa) and COO (Rob Hargis) visited G3 Systems to review performance, visit the integration facility and discuss strategy for a host of future opportunities. During the visit the IAP team met with our communications consultants (Chamois) and Terry spoke to their Director of Media and PR (Gareth Baker) about the benefits to G3 Systems customers of having IAP as a parent company – scale and reach back expertise – and the key capabilities G3 Systems provides for IAP – rapidly deployable operational solutions. The week was a great success and timely as the new NavyPODs invitation to tender is released, we are expecting a follow on order of deployable containerised solutions from a local company and we have bids submitted or are preparing for bids in the African and South Atlantic regions.

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