Spectra Group takes strides towards carbon neutrality

Spectra Group, the specialist provider of secure voice, data and satellite communications systems, is leading the way on its social responsibility agenda and recently installed 124 solar panels at its UK HQ site in Kingstone, Herefordshire in a bid to become a carbon neutral company by 2023. CEO Simon Davies said, “At Spectra Group, we believe everyone has a responsibility to reduce their carbon footprint. As a progressive company, we are committed to doing our bit to protect the environment and secure a better future for the next generation.”

To be carbon neutral means that a company or individual should not produce more carbon dioxide than the earth’s atmosphere can absorb. Spectra Group had already implemented multiple initiatives to achieve this, such as using energy-efficient equipment and lighting, reducing office waste and increasing recycling, but wanted to do much more. Therefore, after receiving expert advice from Your Eco Construction, Spectra Group decided to invest in 124 solar panels which became operational on 1st June 2022 and have already generated 8.17 MWh, saving 2,09.3 kg of CO2 emissions within the first month. This is equivalent to planting 96 trees and brings Spectra Group to nearly 70 percent carbon neutrality. “This is tremendous progress and very rewarding”, said Davies.

Plans are now in place to install Tesla battery banks by the end of August 2022, which will save the remaining 30 percent of the carbon deficit by storing excess solar power for use at night and during periods of low sunlight, and powering business-critical back-up services. Spectra Group also plans to plant new trees on the site to further reduce its carbon footprint and create a better environment for all. In addition to the more important investment in the environment, the solar installation is also expected to save approximately £12,000 per year.

The system was expertly designed and installed by Nick Spicer, managing director of Somerset-based Your Eco Construction. “Nick worked with us to identify our energy needs and assisted with the planning permission process.” Simon Davies, CEO of Spectra Group (UK) Ltd said “Although we still have some way to go to becoming carbon neutral, we have made significant progress and working with Nick at Your Eco has definitely simplified the process for us.”

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