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Stephan Hayward

Digital Consultant

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Stephan Hayward is the founder and managing director of our associate creative and digital agency, Framework Design – based in Nottingham, UK. Chamois has a strong working relationship with Framework who provide digital and creative services, when our clients need it. To date, Framework have built three fantastic websites for Chamois, including this one and there are at least two more in the pipeline!

Stephan started Framework Design in 2015 with one client, two computers and a pretty temperamental coffee machine. Zoom ahead to today, Framework have over 100 clients – both UK and international, a team of 20, a dog and three temperamental coffee machines.

They aim to continue to grow the agency into a national brand, and be recognised for their quality of work. They are already changing the way their clients think about what digital design can do for growth in business, but they want more ‘moments of wonder’ in everything they do… including bringing more clients to tears when unveiling their new websites (yes, this happens).

Stephan’s downtime away from the office is precious. He is the master of tickle fights, making up silly rap songs and putting things in the loft out of the way.

His wife Kirsty, his two daughters and his stepson are regularly treated to his singing and Dad dancing, and he feels this brings them closer together as a family. Which is why he claims he’ll never stop…!

Stephan is a big movie buff – ask him anything. He owns an absurdly large TV which screens assorted viewings from Chelsea FC, Peppa Pig and Marvel. He’s also a gamer but no longer gets to spend entire weekends online, since having kids… he is definitely AFK, for now.

Stephan has lived all over the world including Australia, Hong Kong and Germany and was actually living in Berlin when the Berlin wall was pulled down – which was an incredible piece of history to be part of!

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