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Chamois is a specialist business-to-business (B2B) PR and marketing agency. We operate across a broad spectrum of engineering focused sectors including defence, aerospace, motorsport, automotive, construction and marine. We work together with our clients to help define and deliver a PR, marketing and advertising strategy in order to help them achieve their aims, win business and grow.
The company name “Chamois” (an alpine goat-antelope) comes from our founder’s deep-rooted love of skiing, the mountains and all things outdoors. Very much like a Chamois, the principles of ‘sure-footedness, agility, balance, courage, robustness, endurance, strength, independence and a touch of eccentricity’ are at the heart of our company essence.

We are a team that is driven to DELIVER - having fun as we work whilst living life to the full.

Here at Chamois we work together in a happy and fun environment and we involve our customers in that ethic too. Working closely together with our clients is highly important because in doing so, we all succeed. We are proud of the fact that many of our clients and partners become our friends. To achieve that, we have hand-picked a team of experienced experts who have all worked client-side at a senior level so can understand exactly what our customers need. If you take a look at the personal profiles on this website, you’ll see we’re an interesting bunch too!

Every business, no matter how large or small, benefits from the development and delivery of a sound, integrated approach to Marketing and Communications. The Chamois operating model is one of collaboration. We work closely with our clients to help them understand the issues and then we tailor a package to suit their needs and importantly, their budgets.

Our services are comprehensive yet flexible and range from ad-hoc advice to fully out-sourced service provision contracts, and various other options in between. We are proud of our ability to integrate with and work alongside in-house teams to augment and enhance the results. We recognise that every activity, large or small, has a budget and we shape our work to meet the client’s needs, within budget, in order to maximise the return on investment. We have found that the majority of our clients prefer a PR and advertising retainer business model, with the ability to select from a wider ‘menu’ of additional ‘bolt-on’ marketing services, as required.

How we work





Analysis – “where are you now?”

We employ a variety of methods to listen to you and understand exactly where you are. This service ranges from conducting market research & customer surveys to workshop-type sessions with your management teams. The process can be undertaken as a bespoke package of work or it can be managed and led by our team and partially executed by your in-house team. Or, indeed, a mix of both. We encourage our clients to look hard at themselves and tell us exactly where they are during this early stage in order to establish a true baseline upon which we can begin to build.

Strategy – “where do you want to go?”

Building a strategy is essential. This strategic phase is where we help you to decide where you wish to go. Aspects of this strategy work include:

  • Your message(s)
  • Business strategy
  • Brand strategy
  • Product and/or service strategy
  • Marketing strategy

Delivery – “what we can do to help you?”

This is where our company differs from many other strategic advisory service providers. At Chamois we have an experienced and capable team ready to go that can deliver your entire marketing plan once we’ve helped you to write it or, if you choose, any sub-aspect or component of your marketing plan that you wish us to handle for you. Working for you and/or alongside your in-house teams, our services include:

  • Full PR service including news management, media interface and press release services
  • Media planning and buying to include a full planning, creative and placement service
  • Complete or partial re-branding service
  • Market research/customer surveys/competitor analysis/brand analysis
  • The design and delivery of publications, brochures and other printed material
  • Website creation, management and other digital marketing products and services
  • Social media advice, management and out-sourced service
  • Event planning and delivery including exhibitions, shows and product or service launches
  • Sponsorship advice, placement and management
  • Public affairs service

“How have we done?” “Can we do better?”

Either on a one-off basis or conducted more iteratively, we will help you to measure performance and assess how we, together, can do better. We help our clients to look back on an activity and explore what can be done to improve thereby, maximising your return on investment. We constantly analyse statistics to provide objective reporting that tells you exactly what you need to know, whilst making the most of your available budget.

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How we work

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