Chamois extends contracts with three existing core clients

Chamois is delighted to announce that they have recently been awarded contract extensions from three of their existing core clients: Galvion, Jankel and Spectra Group. The extensions range from 12 to 24 months in duration and will see a continuation of the retained PR and advertising services, augmented by additional bolt-on wider marketing services, as required.

For each of the three, the contract extensions are the second or third time these clients have shown a desire to continue the relationship, clearly reflecting the widespread confidence and commitment that Chamois enjoys. The three extensions take the combined total contracted client years to more than 15 years making up approximately one third of the current Chamois portfolio.

The Chamois operating model is one of collaboration. Working together over a long period creates a deep understanding the clients’ specific needs allowing the Chamois team to constantly tailor the response to suit, maximising the return on investment. The retained services are almost exclusively comprised of PR and advertising services but some clients also add wider services from the menu of options including: digital, creative, exhibition and event management.

Marnie Blanshay, Director of Marketing and Communications at Galvion said: “We are very pleased to extend our commitment with Chamois once again because they are easy to work with and they deliver a first class, tailored and flexible service. We have valued accessing their vast depth of experience on a number of key projects and we’ll be pleased to further develop this relationship in the future.”

Sam Foreman, Head of Sales and Marketing of Jankel said: “I have thoroughly enjoyed and valued working with Jamie and the Chamois team. Not only are Chamois excellent at what they do, but between them they have vast military and commercial experience that adds focussed value to everything they deliver. Having already worked with Chamois for over 3 years, I am looking forward to the next chapter of this successful partnership, extending for a further 2 years.”

Simon Davies CEO at Spectra Group (UK) Ltd said: “This additional 24-month contract renewal reaffirms our commitment and confidence in working with Chamois. The team are dedicated, experts in their field, responsive, adaptable and easy to work with. I have been very impressed with the results achieved by Chamois and value the significant return on investment that is demonstrated by their activity. As we’ve extended our contract for the third time, we’ve also expanded the scope considerably to include a far wider spectrum of marketing support activity, taking away the burden on my in-house team.”

Jamie Clarke CEO of Chamois said: “I am extremely pleased, proud and grateful that those with whom we work have endorsed our services by extending their contracts with Chamois, yet again. Experience has taught me that the quality of service we can deliver improves over time as our knowledge and understanding of the clients’ detailed requirements increases. Building and extending these long-term relationships becomes a win-win for all concerned”. He added: “the three most recent contract extensions can be added to a further four clients who have also extended in the last 12 months. We’re also being approached by new clients who are seeing the successful impact of our work and we’ll be able to announce some new client contracts very soon. There is no better way to be confident that we’re getting it right than to enjoy an extension and in places, expansion of an existing arrangement – thank you to all concerned.”

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